Sunday, 3 November 2013

St. Trinians Tartan

Hello!  Hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous Autumn weather we have been having - sunshine and crisp cold air loveliness! I have been having a stupidly busy month.  Recently got back from Berlin, which was incredible - post to come.  Also looking to move into a flat-share via Spare Room, which let me tell you is a ridiculously time-consuming and demoralising experience.  I am talking about 60 applicants per room or more, it's worse than trying to find a job!  The less said on that the better.

I ventured into Primark a few days ago for the first time in a while in search of a particular dress, as can be seen below.  As is always the way I came out with much more than anticipated.  I think I will compose a haul post as there are a few other stray bits from a few months ago that I would like to show also.  So THE DRESS.  I have seen it on a few blogs and fell completely in love.  It is like a St. Trinians Clueless explosion and I love it. It's so amazingly 90's.

Primark Tartan Dress

It comes in a few different colour-ways but I think this is the least cheap looking combination. As always with Primark you have to be careful about which dress you pick as the cut is different on every single one!  I bought two of exactly the same style/size for that reason and they were like different dresses, it's insanity!

Primark Collar Tartan Dress

I'm sure that this is much too cutesy for a lot of people but I like it for that very reason.  The collar and the bow make me squeal a little inside.  The cut is a little off at the back and it is a bit shorter than I would have liked however paired with thick tights I can just about pull it off.  This is definitely not designed for tall girls.  It costs £15 I believe so even if I just keep it for this season the cost per wear would definitely be worth it.

Primark Tartan Collar Bow Dress

I paired it with my studded Alvin boots and studded harness belt to try to toughen it up a bit and move it away from the schoolgirl St. Trinians vibe.

Topshop Alvin Boots

Primark Tartan Collar Dress Alvin Boots Harness Belt
Dress - Primark, Boots - Topshop, Belt - Primark

What do you think of the dress - too cutesy?  Or are you as enamoured as me?!