Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Work-Wear Wednesday - Malibu Barbie Moment

Don't worry I haven't completely lost my marbles - I did not wear this ensemble today.  This was actually worn on that gorgeous sunny day last Thursday where the temperatures soared to 30 degrees and was heralded as the last 'official' day of summer.
I had just bought this crazy tropical pencil skirt and decided that this would probably be the first and last opportunity I had of wearing it so ploughed on despite the fact it was extremely bright and holiday-esque (it is much brighter in real life, almost neon).  This of course spurned remarks of 'you look like a Pineapple' and 'ooo its Malibu Barbie' from my lovely colleagues.  Little do they know I took Malibu Barbie as a compliment as I chose to ignore the bimbo connotations and instead focused on Barbie's impeccable style!!

I work in Temple and my office is right next to Inner Temple and Temple Gardens.  I thought I would take the last sunny day of the year as an opportunity to show my stunning surroundings - they certainly do perk up your lunchtime when the weather is behaving!

Inner Temple

Inner Temple Park

Inner Temple Park

Inner Temple Park

I wore the skirt with one of my simple what I call 'work tops', in that they are simple with no pattern and rather conservative so easy to add to any pencil skirt to bring the outfit into the more working territory - not that anyone could accuse this outfit of being a working look, whoops!  I also accessorised with my beloved h&m yellow necklace as I wanted to take out the predominant colours of the skirt and co-ordinate - aahh I love colour co-ordination :)  I slipped on my coral jelly shoes as it was just too damn hot!!

Tropical skirt pink top jelly shoes

River Island pencil skirt, h&m pink top, coral jelly shoes

River Island Tropical Skirt, h&m pink top, new look jelly shoes

river island tropical pencil skirt, h&m pink top, new look coral jelly shoes, h&m yellow necklace

river island tropical pencil skirt, h&m pink top, new look coral jelly shoes, h&m yellow necklace
Skirt - River Island via ASOS, Top - H&M, Necklace - H&M, jelly shoes - New Look

Hope this outfit doesn't make you crave the sun!  How are you finding the impending Autumn?


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