Monday, 2 September 2013

Sardinia 2013 #1 - Red Wedding Excitement :)

Hallelujah – I finally have functioning internet!  It is somewhat of a worry how joyous this makes me but I do fully accept my internet addiction.  I am just waiting on the arrival of my new laptop – it is of course typical that when my internet starts to work after months of waiting my laptop ceases to work! – and then hopefully blogging will be so much easier.

In July I went to Sardinia for some sun and relaxation.  I really enjoyed Northern Italy last year and a really good deal came up on Secret Escapes for Sardinia so we took the plunge.  It was a beautiful island and full of non-English people which is a must for me!  Apparently it is where a lot of Italians go to holiday, being practically next door to them.  The area we went to was rather quiet so it is lovely for relaxation but I would not go for more than a week.

(Non Games of Thrones fans needn't bother reading this paragraph!)
This is quite ridiculous but I would have to say the highlight of my holiday was bumping into David Bradley at the airport.  We were checking in at 6am in the morning, half asleep naturally and I turned around and said to my boyfriend 'OH MY GOD, that's Walder Frey next to us!!'  He of course didn't believe me so I ended up stalking the poor man until I found him outside Boots and forced a picture out of him all whilst behaving like a crazy fan girl!  I love Games Of Thrones and the Red Wedding episode had aired a few weeks ago and the shock and awesomeness of that was still in the forefront of my mind so I was sooo excited when I saw Walder Frey, who of course was the pivotal character of that episode.  The actor was so lovely as well and despite the fact I bombarded him with questions and enthusiasm he didn't run away and even apologized for being so horrible on the show.  Absolute perfect start to my holiday and amped me up a crazy amount!

David Bradley Walder Frey Game Of Thrones Red Wedding
Top-Topshop, Cardigan - Topshop, Shorts - Topshop, Bag - Zip Up

 Sorry I look like death - no make-up and no sleep is an ugly combination.  I wanted to document some of the photos of the outfits I wore on holiday and a few of the scenery as well, so I don't look insanely narcissistic! This first post I was going to show you my travelling outfit, as can be seen above.  For me the travelling outfit is all about comfort and ease - it has to be transitional to go from cold temperatures to warm and include nothing that can be set off at the security gates.  You do not want to be one of those people!! Anyone who wears a full-set of jewellery whilst flying an aeroplane should not be allowed to board - I have zero patience at the airport :)

The daisy top I am wearing is one of my favourites.  It is sheer so lovely and light but not so much so that your bra is blatantly obvious.  The daisy pattern is very cute and more 3d in real life.  This top has been quite popular so I'm sure most of you know this is of course supposed to be white however, to cut a long story short, during my move a pink loofah snuck into my white wash - NIGHTMARE - and ruined half my clothes.  Luckily this was quite evenly dyed a baby pinkish colour so is still wearable but I am mourning the white version.  When I went to get a new one they were out of the stores, obviously. First World Problems eh?

Are you a Game Of Thrones fan?  What is your go-to airport outfit?


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