Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sardinia #2 - Biking Adventures :)

I thought I would crack on with my Sardinia photo diary before we fully descended into disgusting cold rainy weather (am I too late?!)  If I showcased a different outfit per post we would be here for the remainder of the year so I think I shall gather the day-time looks in one or two posts and split up the evening looks into a few as these are definitely my favoured looks!

I am an absolute loser and only learnt to ride a bike a few months ago - yes at the grand old age of 25 - rather embarassing!  Therefore we took advantage of the fact and took out bikes quite a few times.  It was semi-successful although I was a coward and stopped nearly every time a car came up behind me!
I am trying (unsuccesfully) to channel Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday (amazing film) in these photos, especially in my lemon dress.  Being a clumsy giraffe however does not exude the elegance and grace of Audrey!

Primark lemon dress

Primark lemon dress Topshop sandals

Primark lemon dress ASOS flower earrings
Dress - Primark, Earrings - ASOS, Bracelets - Turkey & H&M, Daisy hairband - Primark

Topshop crochet white dress

Topshop crochet white dress
Dress - Topshop, Daisy Headband - Primark

Topshop crochet white dress

The lemon dress is from Primark a few years ago.  I remember seeing it in a press release and going bonkers looking in about 3 Primarks before I found it.  I cannot believe this is Primark.  I have had my fair share of Primark paper thin summer dresses that cost £6 and you throw them away after a week of sun.  However this is gorgeous thick material that is beautifully structured and the fit is spot on even around the arm hole area - most of my Primark things have rather dodgy fit around the arm hole area as every top/dress seems to be a different cut!
Second dress is a Topshp white crochet number, again a few years old.  I like the rather large crochet pattern as it keeps you cool and the lovely cinching in at the waist and flowing skirt shape is my favourite fit-and-flare structure as it is universally flattering and means you can eat LOADS and get away with it.  Nice geeky picture at the end there - I couldn't help myself :)

Did some sneaky shopping today and made a wonderful (but expensive) discovery!  All shall be revealed soon :)


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