Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sardinia #3 - Day Outfits

I wanted to show you a few of the more considered outfits I wore on holiday i.e. not just a bikini with a kaftan/maxi over the top.  I tend to accesorise much more on holiday, I think it is because you have the time to actually carefully pick your outfit and get your creative juices flowing!  Also I almost feel obligated having hauled a huge hunk of jewellery overseas, to actually wear them.

Outfit number one consists of a simple stripe crop top and my trusty levi shorts.  I like these shorts because they are a comfortable length and I do not have to worry about flashing anyone and they feel sturdy on!  The one time you can definitely get away with wearing crop tops is on holiday so I always take advantage :)

Shorts - Levi's via Ebay, Top - New Look, Sandals - Topshop, Necklace - h&m, Bracelets - Primark & h&m, Rings - h&m

This second outfit consists of my beloved bunny skirt, which was the focal piece of this outfit.  As it is quite a busy print I tend to wear a plain top with it and this white bardot top brings out the colour of the rabbits on the skirt.  I thought it would be nice to go for pale pink/blue accessories because I am a match-aholic!

 Bunny skirt - Topshop, White Bardot Top - New Look, Sandals - River Island, Necklace - New Look, Rings - H&M, Bracelets - Turkish market

This is probably my favourite outfit because I love neon and aztec so putting the two together is a winner in my eyes!  This is the kind of top I would only wear on holiday as the brightness is a bit of an eye-sore but I love it nonetheless.  I thought the aztec bluey/orange colourways really complemented the neon yellow of the top.  On another note these multicoloured spike sandals are the BEST SHOES EVER!!

 Top - Zip Up, Shorts - Topshop, Sandals - River Island, Necklace - Primark, Bracelets - Forever 21

 What do you think of my daytime outfits?  Evening outfits to follow shortly!


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Walking Tall #2 - Roar

Just a quick lazy Sunday outfit today.  My cat obsession has struck again (I say as I sit in another cat sweatshirt), I should probably seek help!  I could not resist this t-shirt dress when I saw it in h&m; although most people think it is very strange/creepy, I still love it.  Apparently t-shirt dresses/smock dresses are going to be quite big for this autumn and this is my first foray into that territory.  I do not think smock dresses flatter me at all, the cut is all wrong for my body shape.  T-shirt dresses on the other hand are a better fit for me as they hang loose all the way down so do not emphasize my top-heaviness.  As with most clothing, I struggle with the length of t-shirt dresses, most barely cover my bum so would qualify as a top.  However this one from h&m is a lovely length and much  longer at the back than at the front so completely covers my modesty without being a frumpy shape.  Also I got this in a size small so I would imagine the larger sizes would finish even lower.  If any tall people are struggling to find t-shirt dresses that are actually dresses then I would recommend checking out h&m.

h&m cat dress

h&m cat t-shirt dress

roar dress
T-shirt dress - h&m, shoes - Topshop

I was just lazing around the house today but I think if I was not being a hermit and actually ventured outside this would call for some really cosy cable-knit tights and chunky boots - preferably my oxblood ones.

How do you feel about cat clothing?  Cute or creepy?!


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sardinia #2 - Biking Adventures :)

I thought I would crack on with my Sardinia photo diary before we fully descended into disgusting cold rainy weather (am I too late?!)  If I showcased a different outfit per post we would be here for the remainder of the year so I think I shall gather the day-time looks in one or two posts and split up the evening looks into a few as these are definitely my favoured looks!

I am an absolute loser and only learnt to ride a bike a few months ago - yes at the grand old age of 25 - rather embarassing!  Therefore we took advantage of the fact and took out bikes quite a few times.  It was semi-successful although I was a coward and stopped nearly every time a car came up behind me!
I am trying (unsuccesfully) to channel Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday (amazing film) in these photos, especially in my lemon dress.  Being a clumsy giraffe however does not exude the elegance and grace of Audrey!

Primark lemon dress

Primark lemon dress Topshop sandals

Primark lemon dress ASOS flower earrings
Dress - Primark, Earrings - ASOS, Bracelets - Turkey & H&M, Daisy hairband - Primark

Topshop crochet white dress

Topshop crochet white dress
Dress - Topshop, Daisy Headband - Primark

Topshop crochet white dress

The lemon dress is from Primark a few years ago.  I remember seeing it in a press release and going bonkers looking in about 3 Primarks before I found it.  I cannot believe this is Primark.  I have had my fair share of Primark paper thin summer dresses that cost £6 and you throw them away after a week of sun.  However this is gorgeous thick material that is beautifully structured and the fit is spot on even around the arm hole area - most of my Primark things have rather dodgy fit around the arm hole area as every top/dress seems to be a different cut!
Second dress is a Topshp white crochet number, again a few years old.  I like the rather large crochet pattern as it keeps you cool and the lovely cinching in at the waist and flowing skirt shape is my favourite fit-and-flare structure as it is universally flattering and means you can eat LOADS and get away with it.  Nice geeky picture at the end there - I couldn't help myself :)

Did some sneaky shopping today and made a wonderful (but expensive) discovery!  All shall be revealed soon :)


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Work-Wear Wednesday - Malibu Barbie Moment

Don't worry I haven't completely lost my marbles - I did not wear this ensemble today.  This was actually worn on that gorgeous sunny day last Thursday where the temperatures soared to 30 degrees and was heralded as the last 'official' day of summer.
I had just bought this crazy tropical pencil skirt and decided that this would probably be the first and last opportunity I had of wearing it so ploughed on despite the fact it was extremely bright and holiday-esque (it is much brighter in real life, almost neon).  This of course spurned remarks of 'you look like a Pineapple' and 'ooo its Malibu Barbie' from my lovely colleagues.  Little do they know I took Malibu Barbie as a compliment as I chose to ignore the bimbo connotations and instead focused on Barbie's impeccable style!!

I work in Temple and my office is right next to Inner Temple and Temple Gardens.  I thought I would take the last sunny day of the year as an opportunity to show my stunning surroundings - they certainly do perk up your lunchtime when the weather is behaving!

Inner Temple

Inner Temple Park

Inner Temple Park

Inner Temple Park

I wore the skirt with one of my simple what I call 'work tops', in that they are simple with no pattern and rather conservative so easy to add to any pencil skirt to bring the outfit into the more working territory - not that anyone could accuse this outfit of being a working look, whoops!  I also accessorised with my beloved h&m yellow necklace as I wanted to take out the predominant colours of the skirt and co-ordinate - aahh I love colour co-ordination :)  I slipped on my coral jelly shoes as it was just too damn hot!!

Tropical skirt pink top jelly shoes

River Island pencil skirt, h&m pink top, coral jelly shoes

River Island Tropical Skirt, h&m pink top, new look jelly shoes

river island tropical pencil skirt, h&m pink top, new look coral jelly shoes, h&m yellow necklace

river island tropical pencil skirt, h&m pink top, new look coral jelly shoes, h&m yellow necklace
Skirt - River Island via ASOS, Top - H&M, Necklace - H&M, jelly shoes - New Look

Hope this outfit doesn't make you crave the sun!  How are you finding the impending Autumn?


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Nights Out: Co-ord & Colourful

I do enjoy a good night out, not as much as in my hay day but it is usually a weekend occurrence.  I do not really show that side on the blog so I thought I might show a few photos of recent nights out.  My Friday nights are always more conservative as they require office transitional gear whereas Saturdays are more of a free-for-all!

Typical Friday night outfit:

Friday nights will usually consist of a pencil skirt, as worn during the day, with the blouse being swapped out for a more outrageous top e.g. a crop top.  A few Fridays ago I was out in Covent Garden and decided to wear my co-ord polka dot outfit.  I do absolutely love a good co-ord and am on the look out for a co-ord short suit but have yet to see one that calls out to me!

River Island Polka Dot Co-ord suit New Look Stripe Shoes
River Island Co-ord set - River Island, Shoes - New Look

Adding in stripey shoes is my poor attempt at mixing prints!  I know that clashing is having a moment however my comfort zone is definitely matchy matchy so this is my best effort - ooo the shoes don't match, groundbreaking!

Polka Dot Crop Top Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

On a Saturday I usually dress a bit more outrageously depending on where I am going, I do love a bit of glam.  On this occasion it was a 'dressy' place so I was given free rein to glam up which made me very happy - is it sad that my favourite part of the evening is picking my outfit and doing my make-up?!

Bronze Smokey Eye Nude Lip

Stila In The Light Eyeshadow Mac Angel Lipstick

I rarely pile on the make-up however I had been watching Pixiwoo/Lisa Eldridge videos that day and felt inspired so this was my version of a bronze smoky eye.

Unfortunately I did not get a great full length picture, running late as per.  I was wearing a Topshop structured skater dress with my gorgeous neon perspex shoes and my new multi-coloured New Look collar necklace that can be seen more clearly in my jewellery post here.

Topshop Purple Skater Dress New Look Multicoloured Collar Necklace

Boohoo Neon Perspex Heeled Shoe

Topshop Purple Skater Dress Boohoo Neon Perspex Heels

Purple Skater Skirt - Topshop, Neon Perspex Shoes - Boohoo, Collar Necklace - New Look

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I have a Primark haul coming next week so stay tuned for that!


Monday, 2 September 2013

Sardinia 2013 #1 - Red Wedding Excitement :)

Hallelujah – I finally have functioning internet!  It is somewhat of a worry how joyous this makes me but I do fully accept my internet addiction.  I am just waiting on the arrival of my new laptop – it is of course typical that when my internet starts to work after months of waiting my laptop ceases to work! – and then hopefully blogging will be so much easier.

In July I went to Sardinia for some sun and relaxation.  I really enjoyed Northern Italy last year and a really good deal came up on Secret Escapes for Sardinia so we took the plunge.  It was a beautiful island and full of non-English people which is a must for me!  Apparently it is where a lot of Italians go to holiday, being practically next door to them.  The area we went to was rather quiet so it is lovely for relaxation but I would not go for more than a week.

(Non Games of Thrones fans needn't bother reading this paragraph!)
This is quite ridiculous but I would have to say the highlight of my holiday was bumping into David Bradley at the airport.  We were checking in at 6am in the morning, half asleep naturally and I turned around and said to my boyfriend 'OH MY GOD, that's Walder Frey next to us!!'  He of course didn't believe me so I ended up stalking the poor man until I found him outside Boots and forced a picture out of him all whilst behaving like a crazy fan girl!  I love Games Of Thrones and the Red Wedding episode had aired a few weeks ago and the shock and awesomeness of that was still in the forefront of my mind so I was sooo excited when I saw Walder Frey, who of course was the pivotal character of that episode.  The actor was so lovely as well and despite the fact I bombarded him with questions and enthusiasm he didn't run away and even apologized for being so horrible on the show.  Absolute perfect start to my holiday and amped me up a crazy amount!

David Bradley Walder Frey Game Of Thrones Red Wedding
Top-Topshop, Cardigan - Topshop, Shorts - Topshop, Bag - Zip Up

 Sorry I look like death - no make-up and no sleep is an ugly combination.  I wanted to document some of the photos of the outfits I wore on holiday and a few of the scenery as well, so I don't look insanely narcissistic! This first post I was going to show you my travelling outfit, as can be seen above.  For me the travelling outfit is all about comfort and ease - it has to be transitional to go from cold temperatures to warm and include nothing that can be set off at the security gates.  You do not want to be one of those people!! Anyone who wears a full-set of jewellery whilst flying an aeroplane should not be allowed to board - I have zero patience at the airport :)

The daisy top I am wearing is one of my favourites.  It is sheer so lovely and light but not so much so that your bra is blatantly obvious.  The daisy pattern is very cute and more 3d in real life.  This top has been quite popular so I'm sure most of you know this is of course supposed to be white however, to cut a long story short, during my move a pink loofah snuck into my white wash - NIGHTMARE - and ruined half my clothes.  Luckily this was quite evenly dyed a baby pinkish colour so is still wearable but I am mourning the white version.  When I went to get a new one they were out of the stores, obviously. First World Problems eh?

Are you a Game Of Thrones fan?  What is your go-to airport outfit?