Thursday, 22 August 2013

New Look Sale: Jewellery Galore!

A few weeks ago I made my obligatory New Look Sale purchases.  I tend to go a bit mad in the New Look sale - not so much on clothes but on shoes and particularly  jewellery.  I love New Look jewellery - they do some really  lovely pieces at a nice price point, however I know from experience that a lot of it goes into the sale so I tend to hold back during the season unless it is a 'can't live without' piece.
You know that glorious feeling where you wanted it full price and it went into the sale - hello jewellery section!  I am so glad I waited as the majority of pieces I picked up I had bookmarked before.  Say hello to my perfect new outfit embellishments:

The first picture I had to post was definitely the star of the haul.  I loved this full price but never got around to purchasing it and couldn't believe it went into the sale for £6.50.  I adore bright colours and wear a lot of them so this is like manna from heaven for me!

Gold Multicoloured Gem Carnival Bib Necklace

The picture above does not do the necklace justice as the coloured beads are really quite intricate, it is just stunning!  Along the same vein I could not resist picking up this multi-coloured collar necklace - even though I have enough collar necklaces!  This cost £4.50:

Purple Blue and Orange Gem Cut Out Collar Necklace

I also spotted these beaded colourful quite outrageous hoop earrings!  I do not wear hoop earrings really but these were too awesome not to pick up, especially at £2.  Again the details on these is top notch:

Multicoloured Mini Bead Hoop Earrings
Moving on to the turquoise colour palette.  Turquoise seems to be the jewellery colour of choice every spring/summer, maybe because it looks striking against a tan.  I do not have a lot of turquoise jewellery so wanted to expand my collection.  The gem bangle was £3, the bracelet stack was £3.50 and the ring set was £4:

Gold Turquoise Stone Stretch Bracelet

Turquoise and Gold Aztec Bangle Stack
Silver and Turquoise Engraved Rings

Aztec is probably my second favourite print following polka dots and my wardrobe is littered with it! I really loved these aztec bracelets so bought them in two colour-ways.  The colourful beading here also drew my eye - are you sensing a pattern?!  The bracelets were £4 each:

Blue Aztec Bead Stretch Bracelet
Yellow Aztec Bead Stretch Bracelet

I have an ever-expanding animal ring collection and through these would fit in nicely - especially at £2 each!
Gold and Black Tiger Face Ring
Gold Diamante Stud Tiger Face Ring

I am a fan of these chunky chain necklaces that are around at the moment but do not think I can pull off the gold one.  I tried once and got a resounding response of how I looked like I was wearing a bike chain.  I spotted this slightly more glamorous version which just about brings it out of that category!  This costs £4:

Gold Monochrome Enamel Chain Necklace

This is another case of I have enough spike necklaces, do I really need one more?  The answer is yes when they look like this I do.  This is more of a relaxed spike and I think the colours would look lovely with an orangey red lip, which I am sporting a lot of these days.  This costs only £3:

Orange and Gold Arrow Spike Necklace

These last two pieces were afterthoughts, which weirdly both have a religious theme.  I did not buy them for the religious iconography, it was purely for aesthetic reasons.  The cross was £3 and the Hamsa hand £2.50:

Blue Cross Bead Pendant Necklace

Gold Hamsa Pendant Necklace

The only two clothing items I bought were a coral jacquard skirt (£10) and a polka dot peplum top (£7).  To put in simplest terms I love coral in the summer and as has been well documented cannot resist anything polka dot!

Coral Chambray Jacquard Skater Skirt

Monochrome Flocked Spot Dip Hem Peplum Top

I very sneakily added a final bracelet into the basket after seeing how well it would go with the above skirt.  I love the white/coral pairing and the spikes got me again!  This cost £2.50:

White and Coral Spike Stretch Bracelets
This bracelet and top can be seen in action in a previous work-wear post here.

Did you shop the New Look sale?  How do you feel about their jewellery?