Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Work-Wear Wednesday

Today is the debut of a new haircut!  I got it done at Fairfax salon in St James Park, I would highly recommend - the hairdressers really know their stuff and are lovely!  In the warmer weather I just wanted most of it off so asked for a shoulder length cut.  They have straightened it with a slight curl which I really like however there is no way in hell I am pulling that off at home, so from here on out I will be back to curly crazy hair but it's nice to have a departure once in a while.

Pencil Dress & Court Shoes

Dress - Dorothy Perkins, Boucle Jacket - Leather Lane, Shoes - Zara, Necklace - Dorothy Perkins, Rings - H&M

I wore this outfit straight from work for a friend's birthday.  It is one of those really useful ones that you can dress up or down, so wearable for a corporate environment but not out of place downing Jagerbombs - score!!

To dress up what is essentially a plain pencil dress I added a statement necklace, boucle jacket and heels in shades of blue and green.  I find that the pink really compliments the turquoise shades.

The boucle jacket is a new purchase from Leather Lane market.  Leather lane is an amazing market where they sell lovely things, most of which are in the shops at the moment - I believe most of them are seconds or surplus from orders.  I would recommend a visit if you are in the area or even if you are not actually - I would brave torrential rain to go there!!

Pencil dress, boucle jacket, zara court shoes

To compliment the colour palette of the outfit - pretentious much! - I added my h&m rings which are a relatively new purchase.  H&m have some gorgeous rings in store at the moment, I am especially fond of the multiple sets including the above the knuckle ones.

Dorothy Perkins necklace & h&m rings
h&m rings and models own hed kandi

Shoes are from the Sale at Zara - got these babies for £20, result :)

Zara court shoes

I am thinking of doing some more transitional outfit posts as I find these to be the  most useful types of outfit when working in a rather regulated corporate environment so hopefully others will find it helpful.

Are any of you regulars to Leather Lane market?  Did you pick up anything snazzy in the Zara sale?!


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Work-Wear Wednesday

I have had the most hectic few months.  I moved house a few weeks ago (STRESS) and of course part and parcel of moving house is zero internet access - I am having serious withdrawal symptoms.  I was supposed to be connected last week but that has now been pushed back another few weeks - screw you BT! - which is over 2 months without access to the web, just unacceptable! I was going to leave blogging until I had properly settled in and had full internet access however that is taking  much longer than anticipated so I am having to do it wherever I can - be it during my lunch break or at a friend's house - so expect some sporadic posting!!  Below are photos of what I wore to work today, most of it is New Look sale stuff.  Sorry about the iphone photos, my camera was not at hand!

Top, jelly shoes, bracelet - New Look sale, pencil skirt - Zip Up

I have not bought too much into the peplum trend as I have a rather long torso and the cut tends to hit me in an awkward area and makes me look somewhat stumpy.  This one however just about works and I loved the longer length at the back.  Also it was polka dot so could not be left behind naturally.

I have bought tonnes of sale stuff over the last 3 months and when I am able to mooch a good internet session off someone those posts will be winging their way to you!

Anyone else had success with the New Look sale?