Monday, 20 May 2013

Walking Tall #1

I have been wanting to give a little bit more focus to this blog's original intent - a big part of that was to explore fashion for taller girls.  As a fellow tall person I have really struggled in the past to find clothes that fit/suit me i.e. that are long enough!! Unfortunately many brands I love (erm herm Motel) produce clothing that is extremely short, even for the average height, and it looks like you are wearing something that shrunk in the wash or belongs to your ten year old sister! So I am always seeking clothes that will also cater for the more lengthy person!  I am definitely not trying to be exclusionary (seemingly made-up word that is inspired by the massive cock Mike Jeffries) and I hope smaller and taller people alike will enjoy these posts and the clothes within, but I thought I could be helpful to others who might be struggling in this area, like me.

This is a public service announcement to all tall women - MIDI DRESSES AND MAXI DRESSES ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS!! Whilst I think that this style of dress can look flattering and elegant on people of all heights I have found recently that the high street seem to make these really rather long - most come down to about my shin area and considering I am 5ft11 I am not sure how this is supposed to work for women of an average height!! The high street is a funny old thing - it usually seems to be one extreme or another.  So apologies and fair warning - these kind of posts will be filled to the brim with midi/maxi gloriousness - but if it ain't broke!

I recently have gone a little midi-mad in New Look.  Their prices are amazing (the midi dress below was £15), which is reflected in the thinner material, but you can definitely make these work if you are looking for a cheaper option.  So for reference this midi dress cuts me off just below the knee so I would estimate this dress would be great for anyone around the 5ft8 + mark.

Apologies for the slightly mopey middle picture there!  I would normally jazz this outfit up with some form of statement necklace.  In this instance I liked how the aztec necklace contrasted with the stripes.  I also think it would look gorgeous with some pearls to up the classical elegance factor - I have my eye on a gorgeous pearl necklace from Zara at the moment which would look smashing with this!  You could also wear a waist belt to cinch in your waist however I like the simple lines of this look and thought it was a shame to break this up with a belt.  This dress also has the advantage (depending on how you look at it!) of being rather tight so you do not really need any extras to accentuate your shape!

I am hoping to make this more of a regular feature so feel free to leave any feedback :)


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