Monday, 13 May 2013

Star Style:Met Gala 2013

Last week it was the fashion event of the year – the Met Gala.  This year was a decidedly controversial and quite tricky theme in the form of punk. Even though this is a costume gala, which allows more leeway than your traiditional gala, it is a difficult balance to be high fashion and punk at the same time without going into the Halloween/ David Bowie-esque territory.  Of course there is the temptation to go the obvious route and put studs/dark eyeliner on and call it punk (looking at you Sienna Miller), which some people did to a nice effect, but it is just too predictable and boring for this event.  To me the Met Gala is the one event where I am expecting that breath-taking, dramatic moment.  I only really had one this year and from the most unlikely person – Anne Hathaway!!  Well blow me down with a feather Anne snoozeville Hathaway!! To me Anne Hathaway is the human form of beige, she just bores the life out of me.  Her Les Miserables tour was just BLAH and her Oscars/BAFTAS gowns made me want to take a nap.  Then she pulls this out of the bag, just WOW!  That gown blew my mind in that it was stunning, dramatic, risque and embodied the punk theme perfectly without being so bloody obvious – it was the very definition of high fashion punk and that Blondie style hair was just perfection on her.  Whether the blonde will work in a more traditional setting is still yet to be seen but the spectacle of it was perfect for this statement.  She looks insane and that confident smirk on her face says she knows it!

Anne Hathaway in Valentino

My second favourite was the absolute babe that is Paloma Faith.  I love Paloma Faith because she is fearless in her style and it completely works for her on every occasion because of her 'own it' attitude - even if she has a basket of fruit in her hair!  This event was made for the likes of our Paloma and oh my she did not let me down!  Look at that fierce dress, fierce hat and fierce attitude! Ugh I could just kiss her!! Again she absolutely nails the high fashion and punk amalgamation.  I think if I was more immune to her fabulousness she would be my first choice but Anne was just such a pleasant shock to me!

Paloma Faith in Michael Cinco, Philip Treacy hat

My third favourite of the night was Sarah Jessica Parker.  This is a controversial decision as her outfit was very costumey but if you cannot have fun with it at the Met gala then when can you?! It is called a costume gala for a reason!  I just love the theatrical elements of this look (I mean THAT Philip Treacy headress, Louboutin velvet knee high boots) separately and they should not work together but somehow Queen SJP just rocks them.  All hail the queen with her Philip Treacy crown!! PS. I am choosing to ignore the crotch bearing and pretend it never happened.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles Deacon, Philip Treacy hat

My final runner- up is one of my favourite  fabulous dressers, Nina Dobrev.  She really embraced the moodiness and I think embodied the punk look really well without going too far down the predictable route.  Her hair looked great also as she usually wears the same quite plain hairstyle so this was a big departure for her.  The only thing that irritates me about this look is the dress over leggings thing.  I know I am being a hypocrite in that I gush about the costume aspect of this event and do not blink an eye about velvet over the knee boots with a dress HOWEVER I hate dresses over trousers/leggings with a passion!! Ergh it makes me physically recoil!

 Nina Dobrev in Monique Lhuillier

There were a few others who looked stunning (Uma Thurman, Naoemie Harris) but they didn't even attempt the theme so boo to you, you are not allowed on a best dressed list!!

There were of course some absolute abominations this year, more-so than in previous years!  Oh Kim Kardashian (or more appropriately your new fetching nickname Couchdashian) thank you for proving why you were previously banned from this event - Anna Wintour must have been having a good old chuckle when she signed off on your look!  Beyonce you goddess of a woman what the hell were you thinking?!  Also Givenchy you should be ashamed for yourself for that look!  Oh hells bells Madonna I CAN'T EVEN.  Just put it away.  A lot of people have been sticking up for her saying at least she attempted the theme unlike others, which I suppose is true but she clearly failed the attempt.   Putting everything together that has EVER been associated with punk (fish-nets,studs,chains,tartan etc etc) does not a punk make, what it does make is a lazy, cheap and downright disturbing attempt!!

Who were your personal best and worst dressed?  Which side of the fence do you sit on for the controversial SJP and Madonna looks?


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