Monday, 6 May 2013

Pinafore Styling

One of the most popular 'trends' at the moment seems to be the pinafore/dungaree movement!  This surprised me at first due to the fact that these are traditionally associated with school and/or a throwback to the 90's but actually I think that is why they are so popular, because they are very versatile and can encompass many different styles.  You can wear the pinafore dress for a girly verging on preppy look or rock the Clarissa Explains It All denim dungarees!

Haha she was an unbelievably stylish teen!!

I invested in a polka dot pinafore (shorts as opposed to a skirt) from Miss Selfridge and thought I would show a few ways I would wear it.

I decided to opt for this pinafore as firstly I simply cannot resist a polka dot design in any shape or form and I am very partial to the girly/twee style.  I absolutely bow down to those who can pull off a 90's dungarees look but that certainly ain't me!! Case in point I think Ashley Madekwe looks amazing in her dungarees:

Even though the polka dots are tiny and not that noticeable I still think they lend themselves nicely to a simpler monochromatic look, whereas I would be tempted to apply more colour blocking to a plain black pinafore.
For this reason the outfits I have chosen are all monochrome based -  I much prefer to play with the details of the tops as opposed to the colours.  I especially think that high-cut, embellished items are divine for this look.  For this reason collared blouses are a fail-safe to put with any pinafore.

For this first look I chose a black and white collared blouse with embellishment detail towards the torso which I think looks cute poking out from the bib area! 

 Blouse - Ebay, Boots - Topshop

In this vein I would also opt for a plain white/cream collared blouse however I do not currently own one. I would recommend one similar to this Topshop one (I have not bought this particular one as it has had some dodgy online reviews!)

My second outfit is definitely my favourite and I saw Milly Mackintosh wear this a few weeks after taking these photographs so was chuffed as I adore her style!  This blouse is one of my favourite pieces in my entire wardrobe (which is quite a feat!).  I saw it worn by Mollie King last year (another style inspiration) and searched high and low in every Zara in London for it. 

Blouse-Zara, Boots-Topshop

I have a thing for embellishment and it has the most gorgeous lace detailing that I think I have seen on a garment.  Due to the size of the polka dots I do not feel that this look is too much however if you do have a heavily patterned pinafore I would go for a plainer top.

This last look is something a bit more casual/sexual which I would be more akin to wear to the pub on a lovely summers day!  Similarly to the last one I think lace is beautiful with this however this top puts more focus on the pinafore itself as you can only see snippets of lace.  I like the fact that the lace is sheer because it keeps the look cute but adds an injection of sexy in at the same time!  If you were looking to achieve this with another top I would suggest a crop-top as you get that sexiness from a bit of bare skin peeking through the sides also.

Top-Primark, Boots - Topshop

Hope you enjoyed the looks I put together!  Have you subscribed into the pinafore/dungaree trend?



  1. I LOVE polkadots, and I LOVE playsuits, so the logical conclusion is that I LOVE that pinafore.


  2. Haha I am glad someone else shares my affinity for polka dots and pinafores! Those were my EXACT thoughts when I saw this pinafore :) Xx

  3. I love the second outfit you look gorgeous!

    Thanks for the inspiration- should have listened to Clarissa all along!


    1. Thanks hun! The second one is my fave too :) I know Clarissa was such a babe! Xx

  4. lovely jumpsuit !