Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cornwall Retreat

I have taken a mini respite from my tiny corner of the Internet for a while due to a rough couple of months which affected my 'joie de vivre' somewhat, which in turn impacted on my motivation and inspiration.  To put it into more succinct non-rambling terms I have neglected my blog but now am ready to come back and hopefully make it better than ever!  In terms of aesthetics and social media I am certainly behind the curve but I have been reading around the subject so will hopefully improve this side of things shortly.

To ease myself in smoothly I went back to my archives and found a post that i have wanted to publish for awhile.  Apologies that due to the lateness of this it features very winter-laden outfits with not a touch of spring in sight - then again this is England so practically speaking spring has not sprung yet!!

Towards the end of the year it was mine and the boy's first anniversary so we decided to take a long weekend to Cornwall.  Unfortunately it was the time of the flooding but we had booked it on Secret Escapes awhile prior to that so it could not be avoided!  The place itself was absolutely gorgeous with the classical cottages and the view, but the weather dampened the whole experience somewhat!  The area was made up of 8 private cottages (I believe) with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and lounge so was pretty spacious for the two of us but that made it lovelier.  There was also a shared indoor heated swimming pool which was deserted at that time of year so was excellent if you were in the mood for a relaxing solitary swim!
I can't explain why but the little community of cottages reminded me a bit of Narnia (with relentless rain instead of snow!), I think it was to do with the cute pathways and lampposts! 
On a separate note I would definitely recommend using Secret Escapes if you were after a mini getaway.  It was the first time we used it and we were really impressed by the selection and value of places on offer.  Being addicted to Trip Advisor I can safely say that all the places we looked into had excellent TA ratings which I always 100% trust.
I thought I would do a few posts on the outfits I wore during our stay starting with this Bunny number.
I got this from Topshop a few months ago and despite the expense decided I could not leave the shop without buying it!  The bunny print is gorgeous and the jumper is so warm and snug however it was the fluffy tails on the back of the jumper that really sold me, too cute for words.

Will be putting up a few more posts of our Cornwall adventure so keep your eyes peeled for that!