Friday, 8 February 2013

Forever 21 Disney Jumpers!!

Just a quick one today.  A friend of a friend and fellow Disney nut had read my Disney Jumpers blog-post and contacted me on facebook to let me know that Forever 21 now had Disney jumpers in stock again - which is extremely lovely of her!!  Thank you CarolAnne :) So I popped down to Bond Street last night and had a browse.  The ones I found in store were Aladdin, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland.  Now usually I would be tempted to buy every variation however these were in a more casual grey sweatshirt style, which is not my usual style, so I opted for just the one in the Snow White print.

I do love the print but tend not to wear a lot of grey (or sweatshirts for that matter) so I am not as enamored with it as the others in my collection, however it is indeed a worthy purchase!  So if you missed out last time I would check out F21 now.  As mentioned I went to the one at Bond Street and there were a few left.  Do not ask the sales assistants though as I asked two of them and both told me they had no Disney items but I persevered and found them tucked towards the back on the ground floor - so head straight in that direction if you're interested!


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