Sunday, 10 February 2013

Best Browsing Bits #2

Hope everyone has had a fab week/weekend and has not experienced too many weather problems.  I watched Django Unchained yesterday - typical Tarintino with lengthy dialogue and gratuitous violence - I loved it! It is also a complete travesty that Leonardo DiCaprio was snubbed by the Academy Awards - shame on you Academy, he was brilliant.

 Below are a few gems of the Internet I enjoyed this week:

I love videos where they impose human voices over animals actions and this is one of the best ones I have seen of late:

Patty-cake Cats

This is the adorable reaction of a little girl's first train ride.  Really makes you miss the wonder and naivete of being a child.  E.g. my adult reaction to trains (especially during rush hour) is to curl up in a ball and sob on the floor (tears of sadness you understand).  Relish this lovely reaction:

Little girl's first train reaction

Beyonce is a goddess and I was in awe of her Superbowl performance.  This is the leaked supposed Vogue March Cover from Refinery 29 and Queen B looks stunning:

Beyonce Vogue March Cover

I think the LOTR/Hobbitt series are amazing and Andy Serkis is a first-rate character actor who knocks Gollum out the park.  If you like him/the series this snippet will make you laugh:

Andy Serkis answers question as Gollum

I am rather embarrassed to say this picture brought a tear to my eye.  I am an absolute sucker for animals, it disgusts me that people can mistreat innocent defenseless animals.  Dogs in particular for the most part are trusting loyal creatures who should not be treated with anything other than love and kindness.  This picture is beautiful:

Saved Pitbull

This reminds me of a similar picture about an arthritic dog and its owner from last year, which has stuck with me.  I will try to find that story also:

Schoep the arthritic dog

On that subject I saw this video on the Russell Howard show this week which I had first seen a few months ago. It is a wonderful rescue story.  This makes me bawl! :

Fiona the dog rescue

Moving on to a controversial topic: gay marriage.  I am absolutely for marriage equality and have been very happy about the new deveolopments in the US and of last week in the UK.  I believe everyone of every ethnicity/sexual orientation etc deserves to be happy and for a lot of people that means marriage.  These pictures from Buzzfeed definitely gave me a warm glow:

First Gay Marriage Photos

One word: BEAUTIFUL:

Mulberry Willow Bag

This is definitely the best campaign I have seen in awhile.  My favourite kind of look is a bright colour-blocking look so this campaign ticks all my fashion boxes!  I also think Cara Delevingne is exquisite:

DKNY Spring Cara Delevingne Campaign

Speaking of which take a look at Cara's first Vogue cover:

Cara Delevingne Vogue Cover

Overdose of cuteness:

Orphaned Baby Bats


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