Sunday, 3 February 2013

Best Browsing Bits #1

I have a confession to make...I think I am almost certainly addicted to the Internet.  I never used to be but ever since I discovered the blogging community a few years ago I have greatly enjoyed browsing and am now an avid internet user.  Although most of my browsing hours is spent trawling through blogs I also love viral sites such as Buzzfeed which keeps you completely up to date with current affairs and social content.  I thought I would start a series of blog posts collating what I have been enjoying throughout the week in the hopes that people might find something that tickles their fancy and the joy can be spread! 
WARNING:  This is not going to be high-brow newsworthy stuff, unless it's something particularly poignant, as I'm sure most of you get your daily dose of that reading the Evening Standard/BBC News website.  Also lets face it the majority of news, whilst being absolutely important to know, happens to mostly be depressing at the same time.  This is just a space that will hopefully put a smile on your face and as such will normally consist of complete childish nonsense such as animals and Disney.

Lets begin the childish nonsense with this lovely article about a seal pup, I defy this picture not to warm your cockles:

Seal Pup Chilling In Car

Another smile-inducing animal post:

12 baby animals

This is pretty hilarious if you are of the Mean Girls generation:

The Most Popular Girls in School

Another mean girls reference, this time mixed with the awesomeness that is the Les Mis movie:

Les Mean Girls Tumblr

I am hugely into Game Of Thrones so have been looking out for promos before the next series starts on March 31st.  This week they released promo pictures of new characters...excitement:

Game Of Thrones Season 3 cast pictures and video

Cue disney reference.  I am a massive Disney fan (despite my advancing years!) and I particularly love the music, it is genius!  Therefore this post was made for me:

Cut Disney Songs

I love this blog and think that Secret and Future Cinema is fab - I went to their Grease event.  If you haven't been I would highly recommend.  This blog post explains what it's all about:

3 bad mice future cinema

WARNING: SPOILERS.  If you are a fan of New Girl but have not seen the most recent episode DO NOT click on this link.  If you are I think you will like this:

New Girl

I am also a huge geek for LOTR and I love Black Milk leggings (despite their expense) so this is a collaboration made in heaven:

LOTR Black Milk

Last but certainly not least is my favourite find of the week.  Disney have released their oscar nominated animated short film and it is a stunner.  The animation and music are just beyond compare:



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