Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Work-wear Wednesday

This is what I wore to work today.  I adore this blouse which I first saw on Caroline Flack probably on some X Factor nonsense!!  The Chinese style print is inspired by Wedgwood china and I fell in love with it the minute I saw it gracing my TV screen :) When I was younger I used to have this style of china all over my house so it has instilled a sense of nostalgia in me whenever I see this pattern but I would think it was exquisite even without my sentimental stirrings!  This is from Topshop and is surprisingly good quality - the material is thick and the pattern is gorgeously intricate.

I wanted to take pictures outside during my lunch break however it was slightly problematic:

Therefore I took them inside in the evening which actually worked out splendidly as my new Zara beauties arrived and I thought they went perfectly with the outfit:

I found these brogues in the sale and I could not believe they were there as I think they are amazing.  They also only had my size left so it was clearly fate, the universe wants me to have these shoes!  The studded pattern reminds me slightly of the much lusted after and copied Chloe Susanna boot however this is slightly more subtle which I prefer - I don't think I can carry off the Chloe style of boot!

Now for some sensible pictures of the outfit minus gale force winds.

I also wore this leather contrast sleeve blazer that I got from the New Look sale a few months ago for a bargain and a half of £20!  These pleather sleeved style blazers I have seen in Zara this season for triple the price so I am delighted I snapped that up!  I can just about get away with wearing this at work as the main body of it is a normal blazer however my boss did come up to me saying 'Are you wearing a plastic jacket?' Aah my colleagues and fashion do not tend to mix well!

 Blouse - Topshop, Jacket - New Look, Brogues - Zara, Skirt - EBay, Lips - Rimmel Apocalips Stellar

Last but not least I decided to wear one of my new Barry M Gelly nail polishes that I thought went marvellously with the blouse.  I am extremely impressed with this product and will do a review soon:

Barry M Gelly nail polish in Blueberry

I would love your feedback if anyone else is enjoying this wedgwood style of clothing and if you could recommend anything similar.  Apologies that my pictures are coming out slightly pixellated I am not entirely sure why but am still getting used to this camera.  Does anyone have any idea how to stop this?  For reference my camera is a Samsung MV800.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation & Rimmel Apocalips

I have recently tried two make-up products which have already made their way into my permanent make-up bag (and heart!)  Such a cheese ball!  A few blog posts ago I mentioned about the free samples of the YSL Touche Eclat foundation they were giving out and I picked one up the other day.  I have been wanting to try this product for ages and this was the push I needed - I rarely buy high-end foundations which carry a big expense without testing them out first.  I had huge expectations for this product due to the hype surrounding it (I do not think I have read one bad review) and I whole-heartedly agree with the glowing recommendations.  This has become my favourite foundation after just two uses! It is even better than the Jemma Kidd Light As Air in my opinion.  I really love the illumination it brings to the face and the coverage is so buildable although I find one coat looks beautiful and natural.  The colour range seems to be quite superb as well - I think this is the best colour match I have ever used in a foundation.  I think this makes my skin look the healthiest it has in awhile due to the fact that it is not a hugely masking foundation (erm herm Double Wear) and brings a gorgeous glow to the skin.  If you like a foundation which enhances your skin more so than masking it (dependent on the amount of product you use) I think you will enjoy this foundation.

Second rave review, which again will not come as a surprise, is the Rimmel Apocalips range.  I cannot get over how much I love these lipstick/lipgloss hybrids! I have been after a liquid lipstick type product for ages but did not want to pay a premium price-tag.  Although I have not tried the more high-end similar products I cannot see how they can be any better than this!  My only criticism is that it can bleed somewhat so I would advise using a lip liner (I always do anyway for that reason).  I bought the colours in Apocalyptic, Big Bang & Stellar and if you are a brightness fiend like me these will become your new best friends.  These colours really pack a punch in the pigmentation stakes so much so that I had several compliments for each of these shades when I wore them.  I was hugely impressed by the longevity of these as well as I assumed the colour would fade fairly rapidly but even after a meal the majority of the product was still in full force and only required a few touch-ups throughout the day.  I did not find these unflattering to the condition of your lips either although I would always advise to apply a lip-balm before any lip product to ensure smooth application.  Below is more of a close-up of these bad boys in action:

I definitely have a full blown make-up obsession on my hands!  Have you tried these make-up products?  How did they work for you?


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Best Browsing Bits #2

Hope everyone has had a fab week/weekend and has not experienced too many weather problems.  I watched Django Unchained yesterday - typical Tarintino with lengthy dialogue and gratuitous violence - I loved it! It is also a complete travesty that Leonardo DiCaprio was snubbed by the Academy Awards - shame on you Academy, he was brilliant.

 Below are a few gems of the Internet I enjoyed this week:

I love videos where they impose human voices over animals actions and this is one of the best ones I have seen of late:

Patty-cake Cats

This is the adorable reaction of a little girl's first train ride.  Really makes you miss the wonder and naivete of being a child.  E.g. my adult reaction to trains (especially during rush hour) is to curl up in a ball and sob on the floor (tears of sadness you understand).  Relish this lovely reaction:

Little girl's first train reaction

Beyonce is a goddess and I was in awe of her Superbowl performance.  This is the leaked supposed Vogue March Cover from Refinery 29 and Queen B looks stunning:

Beyonce Vogue March Cover

I think the LOTR/Hobbitt series are amazing and Andy Serkis is a first-rate character actor who knocks Gollum out the park.  If you like him/the series this snippet will make you laugh:

Andy Serkis answers question as Gollum

I am rather embarrassed to say this picture brought a tear to my eye.  I am an absolute sucker for animals, it disgusts me that people can mistreat innocent defenseless animals.  Dogs in particular for the most part are trusting loyal creatures who should not be treated with anything other than love and kindness.  This picture is beautiful:

Saved Pitbull

This reminds me of a similar picture about an arthritic dog and its owner from last year, which has stuck with me.  I will try to find that story also:

Schoep the arthritic dog

On that subject I saw this video on the Russell Howard show this week which I had first seen a few months ago. It is a wonderful rescue story.  This makes me bawl! :

Fiona the dog rescue

Moving on to a controversial topic: gay marriage.  I am absolutely for marriage equality and have been very happy about the new deveolopments in the US and of last week in the UK.  I believe everyone of every ethnicity/sexual orientation etc deserves to be happy and for a lot of people that means marriage.  These pictures from Buzzfeed definitely gave me a warm glow:

First Gay Marriage Photos

One word: BEAUTIFUL:

Mulberry Willow Bag

This is definitely the best campaign I have seen in awhile.  My favourite kind of look is a bright colour-blocking look so this campaign ticks all my fashion boxes!  I also think Cara Delevingne is exquisite:

DKNY Spring Cara Delevingne Campaign

Speaking of which take a look at Cara's first Vogue cover:

Cara Delevingne Vogue Cover

Overdose of cuteness:

Orphaned Baby Bats


Friday, 8 February 2013

Forever 21 Disney Jumpers!!

Just a quick one today.  A friend of a friend and fellow Disney nut had read my Disney Jumpers blog-post and contacted me on facebook to let me know that Forever 21 now had Disney jumpers in stock again - which is extremely lovely of her!!  Thank you CarolAnne :) So I popped down to Bond Street last night and had a browse.  The ones I found in store were Aladdin, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland.  Now usually I would be tempted to buy every variation however these were in a more casual grey sweatshirt style, which is not my usual style, so I opted for just the one in the Snow White print.

I do love the print but tend not to wear a lot of grey (or sweatshirts for that matter) so I am not as enamored with it as the others in my collection, however it is indeed a worthy purchase!  So if you missed out last time I would check out F21 now.  As mentioned I went to the one at Bond Street and there were a few left.  Do not ask the sales assistants though as I asked two of them and both told me they had no Disney items but I persevered and found them tucked towards the back on the ground floor - so head straight in that direction if you're interested!


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation & Forever Youth Liberator Serum

Another heads up for those wanting to try the YSL Touche Eclat foundation or even those who just like a good sample - you can never have enough! - YSL currently have a campagin on their Facebook page where if you 'Like' their page you will receive a voucher that entitles you to a 5ml sample of the Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation and 5ml sample of the Forever Youth Liberation Serum.
This is perfect timing for me as I am coming towards the end of my beloved Jemma Kidd Light As Air foundation and have been pondering trying this as a replacement due to the amazing reviews and the fact that I love the concealing product in the range.
There are unlimited vouchers available but the samples are only until stocks last so Go, Go, Go!


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Best Browsing Bits #1

I have a confession to make...I think I am almost certainly addicted to the Internet.  I never used to be but ever since I discovered the blogging community a few years ago I have greatly enjoyed browsing and am now an avid internet user.  Although most of my browsing hours is spent trawling through blogs I also love viral sites such as Buzzfeed which keeps you completely up to date with current affairs and social content.  I thought I would start a series of blog posts collating what I have been enjoying throughout the week in the hopes that people might find something that tickles their fancy and the joy can be spread! 
WARNING:  This is not going to be high-brow newsworthy stuff, unless it's something particularly poignant, as I'm sure most of you get your daily dose of that reading the Evening Standard/BBC News website.  Also lets face it the majority of news, whilst being absolutely important to know, happens to mostly be depressing at the same time.  This is just a space that will hopefully put a smile on your face and as such will normally consist of complete childish nonsense such as animals and Disney.

Lets begin the childish nonsense with this lovely article about a seal pup, I defy this picture not to warm your cockles:

Seal Pup Chilling In Car

Another smile-inducing animal post:

12 baby animals

This is pretty hilarious if you are of the Mean Girls generation:

The Most Popular Girls in School

Another mean girls reference, this time mixed with the awesomeness that is the Les Mis movie:

Les Mean Girls Tumblr

I am hugely into Game Of Thrones so have been looking out for promos before the next series starts on March 31st.  This week they released promo pictures of new characters...excitement:

Game Of Thrones Season 3 cast pictures and video

Cue disney reference.  I am a massive Disney fan (despite my advancing years!) and I particularly love the music, it is genius!  Therefore this post was made for me:

Cut Disney Songs

I love this blog and think that Secret and Future Cinema is fab - I went to their Grease event.  If you haven't been I would highly recommend.  This blog post explains what it's all about:

3 bad mice future cinema

WARNING: SPOILERS.  If you are a fan of New Girl but have not seen the most recent episode DO NOT click on this link.  If you are I think you will like this:

New Girl

I am also a huge geek for LOTR and I love Black Milk leggings (despite their expense) so this is a collaboration made in heaven:

LOTR Black Milk

Last but certainly not least is my favourite find of the week.  Disney have released their oscar nominated animated short film and it is a stunner.  The animation and music are just beyond compare: