Monday, 14 January 2013

Star Style

I'm going to start a series of posts called 'Star Style' which will be entirely sporadic as the premise is to showcase a celebrity's style I am loving at the moment - be that a particular outfit or a series of them.  Celebrities are a great source of inspiration for me, not because I revere and idolise the famous people themselves (I'm not that unbalanced!) but because they get access to the newest designer collections which will filter through to the high street in the upcoming seasons so it's great to see where fashion is heading.  Also they employ the most sought after stylists and I find it very interesting to see how they put outfits together and potentially steal some of their ideas for myself :) Lastly but most importantly celebrities looking fabulous in expensive gowns at premieres is a feast for the eyes and my heart gets aflutter by the beautiful clothes.

Last week seemed a good time to start as the awards season is upon us and it was the People & Critics Choice Awards.  Having said that only two of the four I picked were from those awards ceremonies.  With each of these dresses I had a spine-tingling moment especially with Kerry Washington's Giles number which was definitely my favourite gown I have seen in months/years, I thought it was breathtaking.  Without further ado below are the four looks that I absolutely adored from last week:

Oh how I love this look let me count the ways:  the absolutely divine horse print on the gorgeous flowy skirt and train, the dark plummy lip which was heavenly against the white, the low-cut pointed Louboutin shoes (my current favourite type of shoe) and the fact she wore this to the London premiere :) Got to have a bit of Nationalism in there!!

Here's a shot of the Giles masterpiece on the runway where you can see the print and shape of the dress in all it's glory.  That horse print just gets me flustered every time I think it's absolute perfection!!

My next favourite would have to be Camille Belle in Caroline Herrera.

On any other day when it wasn't facing the magnificent Giles creation this would have been my number one pick without a doubt.  We have the amazing colourful polka-dot print (polka dot is my all-time favourite pattern hands down), gorgeous train, fitted bardot style top half of the dress, flawless make-up with a luminous base and nude glossy lips and that Van Cleef bracelet is to die for! This look is also completely heavenly, I die over that polka dot print!

Taylor Swift in Ralph Lauren.

I think this can be called the Screw You Harry Styles Look.  This is the best Taylor has ever looked, she looks mature, stunning and sexy.  Whereas Taylor usually wears princessy gowns with red lips, which I incidentally love because of the sparkle and lipstick, this was a completely refreshing departure for her and she totally pulled it off.  I love the white dress on her pale skin and the cut of the dress looks fabulous on her slender tall figure.  Those earrings also really pop against her baby blues and porcelain skin.  Marvellous!

Last but not least one of my favourite actresses Marion Cotillard in Zuhair Murad.

I usually associate Zuhair Murad with uber sexy tight sparkly Jennifer Lopez-esque creations so was a little sceptical when I heard Marion was wearing this designer.  However I needn't have worried as this was a gorgeous lacy fit and flare dress with the most stunning rich embroidery floral detail and open back.  This appeals perfectly to Marion's cute and playful nature she often shows on the red carpet.  The reason this is number four is because I am not a big fan of those shows, however I admit they do go with the dress.

The embroidery detail is exquisite so I have added in the runway picture below where you can see it is slightly clearer:

So those are my picks of last week. Aah to be famous and adorn myself in those dream-worthy gowns.  Sigh.  Anyway I am really looking forward to this week as the Golden Globes aired in America on Sunday evening so those pictures will be surfacing on the Internet today and I cannot wait to have a browse and pick my favourites amongst those.

I would be really interested to hear of your favourites from the various awards ceremonies and premieres last week.  Would these feature in your favourites?


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