Monday, 28 January 2013

Star Style: Golden Globes

My best dressed of the night by far was Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera.  Now I know this dress choice has been controversial, with some people saying that Lucy looked like a curtain wearing, Laura Ashley nightmare!  Of course there is a certain aspect of that but I for one think she looks magnificent.  I'm having a bit of a Herrera moment what with Camille Belle's gorgeous polka dot number and now this.  This to me is a girly springtime explosion and as such I bloody love it.

Don't get me started on that amazing train and the structure of the skirt AAH.  This is definitely a Marmite look and I am firmly seated in the LOVE IT camp.  Also did I mention she wore a canary yellow clutch with the look. LOVE IT.

Now onto some slightly more toned down outfits that I'm sure will have more of a general consensus! First up is Taylor Swift in Donna Karan Atelier.  Taylor Swift is on a roll, I do not know what has got into the songstress!!  I saw another beautiful dress from her again today so she will probably get her own post sometime soon.  This again is a hugely mature look for her and she pulls it off with such aplomb.  The mermaid silhouette has been done to death but you can see why as when it is done right, as it is here, it makes a beautiful impact and really showcases the figure.

Emily Blunt in Michael Kors.  I probably do not need to mention Emily Blunt because she is a given.  She seems to hit it out the park every time she steps onto the red carpet, she really does us Brits proud!  This dress is perfect for her skin tone and enviable figure and the golden floral lace overlay is beautiful.  As always her accessorizing is perfect. I especially love those earrings, they elevate the whole look for me.

Nicole Richie in Naeem Khan. I am not usually a fan of Nicole Richie's red carpet style but I was really pleasantly surprised by her on this occasion.  I can only imagine the impact this look must have made in person considering it translated so beautifully in the pictures.  I really enjoy embroidered gowns with gorgeous detail and this one blew my mind.  The detail on the gown and the embellished neckline are breathtaking.  I think the colour is really gorgeous too, it has a distinct mermaid feel to it but I like that!!  The only thing I disliked about Nicole's look was the make-up.  I thought it was heavy-handed and garish. I can see what she was trying to achieve by matching her eyeshadow colour to the gown and choosing an understated lip colour, however it comes off as a bit crayola and foundation lips!

Who were your favourites on the night?  Did you love or loathe Lucy Liu's look?



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    1. I am glad someone else is sat in the Love camp! I've heard quite a few scathing reviews of this outfit so far! X