Saturday, 5 January 2013

Spice up your life!

Happy New Year!! Hope everyone had a lovely break and aren't struggling too much with the return to work. Thought I would just post a few photos from before Christmas of our work Christmas party. The theme was 'Best of British' and five of us decided to go as The Spice Girls - we even did a horribly embarrassing performance of Stop Right Now when we were all incredibly drunk, thankfully there is no video evidence or I would never live it down!!
I, hopefully obviously, went as Scary; although some did say they thought I had not dressed up!! Not that I can blame them, I do love a bit of leopard print and this Motel dress used to be a regular feature in my wardrobe a few years ago. I think everyone has a bit of Scary in them somewhere!

So there you have it, just a few pictures of the merry occasion.  Complete with the obligatory drunk duck pouting pose and a snippet of our mortifying performance!! Did anyone else dress up for their Christmas parties?

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