Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pinafore Perfection

I have seen this Miss Selfridge polka dot pinafore bouncing around the Internet for weeks and it has been killing me because I had no money and it is perfection.  However the minute I got paid I purchased this baby and it arrived at my desk this morning.  I cannot wait to wear it but unfortunately it is not work-appropriate so it will be a few days before it's first outing (real and virtual!).  For now feast your eyes on the loveliness:

PS. I am perfectly aware that pinafores make you look like a pre-pubescent schoolgirl but I DO NOT CARE!!



  1. Love it, what would you wear it with? I'm torn between this and a black one with gold buckles

  2. Hi Gerri, thanks for your comment! I have been off the blogging scene for awhile so sorry for the late response! I saw this went into the Miss Selfridge sale a few weeks ago and it might still be there so worth a check. I'm going to do a pinafore lookbook shortly so stay tuned :)