Sunday, 20 January 2013

Made In Chelsea

It was my birthday at the end of December, I am a dreaded Christmas baby!  I never do the major celebrations with my friends on this day as my birthday falls between boxing day and NYE so it tends to be an awkward time of year for most people, myself included!  So I always go for something a bit more low-key on the day.  I'm known amongst my friends to go to the cinema which makes me pretty sad!! I love films what can I say. 
This year was no exception as I went to see Life of Pi and then onto an Indian restaurant called Mela on Shaftesbury Avenue.  Afterwards, as a surprise, my boyfriend took me to a hotel in Chelsea called The Millenium Hotel, and this is what was waiting for me on my arrival:

 How very soppy and cute!  Gail's is a place we have only ever been once before but he remembered the cupcake I had ordered which was an extra mushy touch!  I don't need to explain the inclusion of Guylian Seashells - BEST. CHOCOLATES. EVER.  I was soo excited about my present as he got me a camera with a flip screen, the Samsung MV800 to be exact.  I had not asked for this as I thought it was too much so was overjoyed when I opened it.  Finally I have a decent camera and I can take proper beauty shots.  He also managed to get it in red which made me doubly happy, small things :) I was really struggling with the photo content on here before and wanted to learn more about photography as a resolution so this is the perfect first step.

Close-up of my gorgeous flowers:

Clearly I could not wait to start snapping on my new camera so here are a few OOTD's.  We could not resist playing with the settings as you can probably tell!

Top - River Island (Sale), Shorts - River Island (Sale),  Belt & Tights - Primark, Boots - Topshop, Bracelet - Sweetie bracelet (birthday present :)) - Links of London, Necklace - New Look

 Most of my outfit consisted of the River Island sale and had been delivered a few days before, so naturally I had to wear all my new things immediately!!  Here's a few of me playing with the flip screen trying to do a successful beauty shot - it's rather tricky!  There are lots of settings you can use including 'Beauty Shot' ,'Self Shot', or just using regular settings.  If anyone has any tips on the setting they use or general beauty shots I would be really grateful to hear some.

I had a great birthday - I felt like an honorary member of Made In Chelsea in the hotel, it was very lovely.  I am thinking of maybe doing a post on my River Island sale items if anyone would be interested in that?  Does anyone else have the same camera?  Are there any tips a kind soul would like to impart on getting the perfect shot?!


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