Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pinafore Perfection

I have seen this Miss Selfridge polka dot pinafore bouncing around the Internet for weeks and it has been killing me because I had no money and it is perfection.  However the minute I got paid I purchased this baby and it arrived at my desk this morning.  I cannot wait to wear it but unfortunately it is not work-appropriate so it will be a few days before it's first outing (real and virtual!).  For now feast your eyes on the loveliness:

PS. I am perfectly aware that pinafores make you look like a pre-pubescent schoolgirl but I DO NOT CARE!!


Monday, 28 January 2013

Star Style: Golden Globes

My best dressed of the night by far was Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera.  Now I know this dress choice has been controversial, with some people saying that Lucy looked like a curtain wearing, Laura Ashley nightmare!  Of course there is a certain aspect of that but I for one think she looks magnificent.  I'm having a bit of a Herrera moment what with Camille Belle's gorgeous polka dot number and now this.  This to me is a girly springtime explosion and as such I bloody love it.

Don't get me started on that amazing train and the structure of the skirt AAH.  This is definitely a Marmite look and I am firmly seated in the LOVE IT camp.  Also did I mention she wore a canary yellow clutch with the look. LOVE IT.

Now onto some slightly more toned down outfits that I'm sure will have more of a general consensus! First up is Taylor Swift in Donna Karan Atelier.  Taylor Swift is on a roll, I do not know what has got into the songstress!!  I saw another beautiful dress from her again today so she will probably get her own post sometime soon.  This again is a hugely mature look for her and she pulls it off with such aplomb.  The mermaid silhouette has been done to death but you can see why as when it is done right, as it is here, it makes a beautiful impact and really showcases the figure.

Emily Blunt in Michael Kors.  I probably do not need to mention Emily Blunt because she is a given.  She seems to hit it out the park every time she steps onto the red carpet, she really does us Brits proud!  This dress is perfect for her skin tone and enviable figure and the golden floral lace overlay is beautiful.  As always her accessorizing is perfect. I especially love those earrings, they elevate the whole look for me.

Nicole Richie in Naeem Khan. I am not usually a fan of Nicole Richie's red carpet style but I was really pleasantly surprised by her on this occasion.  I can only imagine the impact this look must have made in person considering it translated so beautifully in the pictures.  I really enjoy embroidered gowns with gorgeous detail and this one blew my mind.  The detail on the gown and the embellished neckline are breathtaking.  I think the colour is really gorgeous too, it has a distinct mermaid feel to it but I like that!!  The only thing I disliked about Nicole's look was the make-up.  I thought it was heavy-handed and garish. I can see what she was trying to achieve by matching her eyeshadow colour to the gown and choosing an understated lip colour, however it comes off as a bit crayola and foundation lips!

Who were your favourites on the night?  Did you love or loathe Lucy Liu's look?


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Welcome to the Jungle

This is a casual outfit that I wore at the weekend featuring my new animal print skirt, hence the title of this post, and the first picture of me in my garden which is somewhat resembling a jungle at the moment!  I love skater skirts as they are flattering to all figures but find it difficult to find ones long enough to keep my modesty and be work-appropriate!  This skirt definitely fits under that umbrella and I like the fact that the animal print is subtle so I do not end up looking too Pat Butcher-esque!  This is my favourite style of top at the moment as it is the perfect cut to enhance any curves without being too revealing; even better it is a Primark gem so costs less than a McDonalds.

Skirt - Miss Selfridge, Top - Primark, Boots - Topshop, Necklace - Ebay

Hope everyone has had a smashing weekend.  I had some late Birthday celebrations with work friends on the Friday which was very messy indeed so spent the rest of the weekend recovering and watching trashy films (see Wedding Date!)


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Made In Chelsea

It was my birthday at the end of December, I am a dreaded Christmas baby!  I never do the major celebrations with my friends on this day as my birthday falls between boxing day and NYE so it tends to be an awkward time of year for most people, myself included!  So I always go for something a bit more low-key on the day.  I'm known amongst my friends to go to the cinema which makes me pretty sad!! I love films what can I say. 
This year was no exception as I went to see Life of Pi and then onto an Indian restaurant called Mela on Shaftesbury Avenue.  Afterwards, as a surprise, my boyfriend took me to a hotel in Chelsea called The Millenium Hotel, and this is what was waiting for me on my arrival:

 How very soppy and cute!  Gail's is a place we have only ever been once before but he remembered the cupcake I had ordered which was an extra mushy touch!  I don't need to explain the inclusion of Guylian Seashells - BEST. CHOCOLATES. EVER.  I was soo excited about my present as he got me a camera with a flip screen, the Samsung MV800 to be exact.  I had not asked for this as I thought it was too much so was overjoyed when I opened it.  Finally I have a decent camera and I can take proper beauty shots.  He also managed to get it in red which made me doubly happy, small things :) I was really struggling with the photo content on here before and wanted to learn more about photography as a resolution so this is the perfect first step.

Close-up of my gorgeous flowers:

Clearly I could not wait to start snapping on my new camera so here are a few OOTD's.  We could not resist playing with the settings as you can probably tell!

Top - River Island (Sale), Shorts - River Island (Sale),  Belt & Tights - Primark, Boots - Topshop, Bracelet - Sweetie bracelet (birthday present :)) - Links of London, Necklace - New Look

 Most of my outfit consisted of the River Island sale and had been delivered a few days before, so naturally I had to wear all my new things immediately!!  Here's a few of me playing with the flip screen trying to do a successful beauty shot - it's rather tricky!  There are lots of settings you can use including 'Beauty Shot' ,'Self Shot', or just using regular settings.  If anyone has any tips on the setting they use or general beauty shots I would be really grateful to hear some.

I had a great birthday - I felt like an honorary member of Made In Chelsea in the hotel, it was very lovely.  I am thinking of maybe doing a post on my River Island sale items if anyone would be interested in that?  Does anyone else have the same camera?  Are there any tips a kind soul would like to impart on getting the perfect shot?!


Monday, 14 January 2013

Star Style

I'm going to start a series of posts called 'Star Style' which will be entirely sporadic as the premise is to showcase a celebrity's style I am loving at the moment - be that a particular outfit or a series of them.  Celebrities are a great source of inspiration for me, not because I revere and idolise the famous people themselves (I'm not that unbalanced!) but because they get access to the newest designer collections which will filter through to the high street in the upcoming seasons so it's great to see where fashion is heading.  Also they employ the most sought after stylists and I find it very interesting to see how they put outfits together and potentially steal some of their ideas for myself :) Lastly but most importantly celebrities looking fabulous in expensive gowns at premieres is a feast for the eyes and my heart gets aflutter by the beautiful clothes.

Last week seemed a good time to start as the awards season is upon us and it was the People & Critics Choice Awards.  Having said that only two of the four I picked were from those awards ceremonies.  With each of these dresses I had a spine-tingling moment especially with Kerry Washington's Giles number which was definitely my favourite gown I have seen in months/years, I thought it was breathtaking.  Without further ado below are the four looks that I absolutely adored from last week:

Oh how I love this look let me count the ways:  the absolutely divine horse print on the gorgeous flowy skirt and train, the dark plummy lip which was heavenly against the white, the low-cut pointed Louboutin shoes (my current favourite type of shoe) and the fact she wore this to the London premiere :) Got to have a bit of Nationalism in there!!

Here's a shot of the Giles masterpiece on the runway where you can see the print and shape of the dress in all it's glory.  That horse print just gets me flustered every time I think it's absolute perfection!!

My next favourite would have to be Camille Belle in Caroline Herrera.

On any other day when it wasn't facing the magnificent Giles creation this would have been my number one pick without a doubt.  We have the amazing colourful polka-dot print (polka dot is my all-time favourite pattern hands down), gorgeous train, fitted bardot style top half of the dress, flawless make-up with a luminous base and nude glossy lips and that Van Cleef bracelet is to die for! This look is also completely heavenly, I die over that polka dot print!

Taylor Swift in Ralph Lauren.

I think this can be called the Screw You Harry Styles Look.  This is the best Taylor has ever looked, she looks mature, stunning and sexy.  Whereas Taylor usually wears princessy gowns with red lips, which I incidentally love because of the sparkle and lipstick, this was a completely refreshing departure for her and she totally pulled it off.  I love the white dress on her pale skin and the cut of the dress looks fabulous on her slender tall figure.  Those earrings also really pop against her baby blues and porcelain skin.  Marvellous!

Last but not least one of my favourite actresses Marion Cotillard in Zuhair Murad.

I usually associate Zuhair Murad with uber sexy tight sparkly Jennifer Lopez-esque creations so was a little sceptical when I heard Marion was wearing this designer.  However I needn't have worried as this was a gorgeous lacy fit and flare dress with the most stunning rich embroidery floral detail and open back.  This appeals perfectly to Marion's cute and playful nature she often shows on the red carpet.  The reason this is number four is because I am not a big fan of those shows, however I admit they do go with the dress.

The embroidery detail is exquisite so I have added in the runway picture below where you can see it is slightly clearer:

So those are my picks of last week. Aah to be famous and adorn myself in those dream-worthy gowns.  Sigh.  Anyway I am really looking forward to this week as the Golden Globes aired in America on Sunday evening so those pictures will be surfacing on the Internet today and I cannot wait to have a browse and pick my favourites amongst those.

I would be really interested to hear of your favourites from the various awards ceremonies and premieres last week.  Would these feature in your favourites?


Saturday, 5 January 2013

Spice up your life!

Happy New Year!! Hope everyone had a lovely break and aren't struggling too much with the return to work. Thought I would just post a few photos from before Christmas of our work Christmas party. The theme was 'Best of British' and five of us decided to go as The Spice Girls - we even did a horribly embarrassing performance of Stop Right Now when we were all incredibly drunk, thankfully there is no video evidence or I would never live it down!!
I, hopefully obviously, went as Scary; although some did say they thought I had not dressed up!! Not that I can blame them, I do love a bit of leopard print and this Motel dress used to be a regular feature in my wardrobe a few years ago. I think everyone has a bit of Scary in them somewhere!

So there you have it, just a few pictures of the merry occasion.  Complete with the obligatory drunk duck pouting pose and a snippet of our mortifying performance!! Did anyone else dress up for their Christmas parties?