Saturday, 8 December 2012

Raving about River Island

River Island is probably my favourite shop of this season.  I've only really started shopping there in the last year or so because before I found it slightly chav but in my opinion their stock has improved dramatically, to the extent I have ignored all self-restraint and picked up quite a few items recently.  Having said that these items were all in the sale or one of their 'seasonal offers' and were acquired over a period of two months so that has abated my guilt somewhat.  These will all be popping up on my blog in the near future in some form or another and I wore the boucle jacket for the first time a few weeks ago (as seen in my first 'work-wear Wednesday' post, which I loved.  It's a really useful way to brighten up a winter outfit as the neon trim is a lot more prominent in real life. 
Post HERE:

orange fluorescent jumper £20.00
dogtooth skater dress £20.00
burgundy colour block peplum dress £15.00
navy colour block pencil dress £15.00
cream neon trim boucle jacket £15.00
black skater skirt £12.00
black pleated skater skirt £12.00
black polka dot tights £3.00
black dogtooth tights £3.00

Special mention has to go to the dogtooth skater dress as it is one of the longest, heaviest ones I have come across - no flimsy material here - and as such is perfect for taller people.  I'm going to do a dedicated post soon!  Also to the polka dot tights as I have an absolute obsession with polka dots, it's easily my favourite print and if I see it I have to pick it up - I think I need to seek help!!

Do you love River Island as much as I do?


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