Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Disney Jumpers Alert!!

For those who don't know I am an absolute disney fanatic - I bloody love it.  I know this is ridiculous for someone of my age but what can I say I was raised on Disney, I had every disney film growing up and watched them continuously throughout my childhood. Combine that with my love for gorgeous, girly dresses and musicals and you have a pretty full blown obsession on your hands.  So when my friend this morning sent me a picture of Disney jumpers I was almost hyperventilating on the tube - there is Lady and The Tramp for christs sake! - and it is good old H&M that has made my Christmas wishes come true again.

The same thing happened last year when I heard whispers of Disney in H&M.  I ran into H&M and said to my boyfriend, hunt for anything Disney immediately!  I did the same in Forever 21 when those disney jumpers came out and never found anything so was not expecting to have any luck, however downstairs he found an absolute shrine to Disney topped with one of my favourite characters of all time - Bambi!! Once I had gotten over my excitement I picked up Minnie and Bambi and lived in them all last winter as seen here:

Now I do apologise for this post sounding like the ramblings of a toddler but I know many people who are also into Disney so here is the heads up - go to H&M immediately.  From what I can see there is Daisy Duck, Tigger and most importantly Lady and the Tramp.  I will definitely be buying the latter and might get one for my mum too as that is her favourite disney film.  Any of you as fanatical about disney as me?!


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