Thursday, 8 November 2012

Work-Wear Wednesday

One of the first features I wanted to introduce on my blog is 'Work-Wear Wednesday', I love a bit of alliteration! During the week I won't do that many outfit posts simply because I work in a corporate environment so the dress code is quite strict and conservative - although I push the boundaries a bit :)  I feel like you can get away with almost anything if you add a smart blazer to the mix.  So yes my smart and unfortunately black laden work outfits are a bit dull to bombard my blog with! Sigh I wish I worked in a less corporate environment, but never mind at least I have the excuse to buy gorgeous pencil dresses that I would otherwise never wear!

Skirt: River Island
Boucle Jacket: River Island
Belt: Vintage
Jewellery: Topshop, H&M

So here is my first post featuring my lovely new neon trim boucle jacket from RI (post to follow on RI goodies).  Please excuse the state of my skirt, this was taken at about 8.30pm when I got home so it is looking slightly worse for wear.  Also of note is that this outfit looks much better with heels, due to the length of the skirt, however they were sitting safely under my desk in the office - I absolutely refuse to travel in heels!

 I was also wearing a few of my current favourite jewellery pieces which I thought I would show you:

This eye necklace is from h&m from a few months ago.  I was never really into the whole evil eye jewellery trend, those Topshop eye rings seemed to be everywhere! However I thought this one was really simple and elegant and I love longer length necklaces.  Also having come back from Turkey I'm starting to embrace the eye jewellery as it is everywhere over there, where the 'evil eye' talisman originally comes from, and I quite like the idea that it's supposed to ward against negativity and bad energy!

Again completely jumping on the bandwagon with this piece - I adore spiked jewellery!  It adds an edge to any outfit and is my nod to the tougher gothic fashion which is very popular at the moment but not really my cup of tea!

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