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I went to see the new Bond at the Imax on Tuesday night and I loved it.  Please bear in mind that although watching and reading about films is a hobby of mine I do not claim to be knowledgeable and indeed have never have studied it so do not have any technical or insightful views into aspects such as cinematography or editing!  Also this is only my opinion and I am happy for anyone to agree or disagree with my views on this film!

Don't get me wrong when watching Bond you do have to completely suspend reality and there are a big number of flaws and plot holes in this film however people who take issue of how this film is unrealistic are completely missing the essence of Bond - of course it bloody is this character has survived countless shootings, stabbings and skyfalls off every type of structure imaginable!! If you go into the cinema hoping to take Bond completely seriously then you are not going to enjoy it.  With this in mind I really liked this film and to be honest my positive opinion is probably amplified by the disappointment I felt with Quantum of Solace. 

For me Bond is a certain type of film - it is action, excitement and adventure with a sprinkling of British humour - it is not a Christopher Nolan type mind-fuck!  I don't particularly want to go to the cinema and have to hugely concentrate on the plot of the film which incorporates theories around nuclear physics, which was one of the problems I had with Quantum of Solace.  However for me this film takes it back to a more classic storyline - a psychotic villain with a simple objective driven by his disturbing past - that's the stuff! 
Onto the heart of the film - the action :)  I found the action scenes in this to be incredible - particularly the opening sequence which included racing across the rooftops of the market in Istanbul and the closing sequence in the stunning setting of Glencoe in Scotland.  Also some scenes were filmed on beaches in Fethiye in Southern Turkey which is where I went on holiday so that gave me a little thrill!


As well as Daniel Craig being rather dreamy he does my favourite portrayal of Bond to date.  Having said that suspending reality is the best route to take to enjoy Bond I have to say I do prefer the authenticity of Bond's character in this film compared to the previous ones before Daniel Craig.  The previous films portray Bond as a seemingly invincible agent who excels at everything he puts his hand to with no perceivable flaws and all the while looking like a supermodel - he almost has a superhero-esque aura about him.  Daniel Craig has certainly got the good looking thing nailed down however this Bond is much grittier and rough around the edges with real flaws and vulnerabilities - something they really play upon in this film as another prevalent theme is aging.  For the first time Bond is being doubted because of his age, amongst other things, and his abilities questioned - the first time this has ever happened in 50 years of Bond films.  Basically his perfect veneer has been stripped away and we are left with someone who the audience can relate to and actually could be one of us - apart from the whole MI6 agent thing of course!

The acting is superb with real heavyweights appearing in this film who have countless nominations between them.  Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney all live up to their reputations and deliver believeable, three dimenstional characters.  However the stand-out star for me is Javier Bardem.  He absolutely steals every scene he appears in, which is saying something when you consider the acting royalty in this film.  The first scene he appears in where he tells a story about rats is one of the most memorable scenes for me of the entire film and all this scene comprises of is him walking across a room telling a story - that's a powerful testament to his acting prowess.  He also has a different take than we typically see for Bond villains who are often one dimensionally evil with no redeeming qualities however Silva manages to be creepy, funny, terrifying, unpredictable and highly intelligent all at the same time.  I also felt a small pull of sympathy for him despite the fact he is a complete phsychopath so huge props have to go to Javier Bardem for his portrayal of the villain.


Another character I personally loved was the new Q.  There's nothing outstanding about his scenes or acting but I'm a sucker for a geek and this one is rather yummy.  Below is the first scene between him and Bond if you wanted to have a gander:

This has been the most commercially successful Bond of all time making £53.44m in just 10 days before it had even opened in America.  It also has a rating of 8.1 on IMDB which is an excellent score considering the harsh ratings films are subject to on that site.  It looks like I'm not the only one who found this film to be a success!  Finally apologies for banging on and congrats if you made it this far ane here's a little reward for your perserverance:


 You're welcome.


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